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About us

  • PENTAS HOŘICE a.s., including its legal predecessors (starting in 1951 – Food Processing Industry Engineering Works, starting in 1972 – Strojobal, starting in 1990 – VPS, s.p. – Food Processing Machinery Manufacturing, since 1994 – Pentas Trading) has a tradition of more than 50 years in manufacturing machinery and equipment for the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • PENTAS HOŘICE a.s. can be found in the town of Hořice in a picturesque landscape region at the foot of the Krkonoše mountains in the Hradec Králové region.
  • PENTAS HOŘICE a.s. is an independent and successful supplier and manufacturer of the latest machinery and process technology equipment for various branches of the food processing industry, meat processing plants, breweries, distilleries, cheese and chocolate factories and other food processing operations.
  • PENTAS HOŘICE a.s. also specialises in the supply of apparatuses for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries including stationary and portable, steel and stainless-steel, pressure and non-pressure storage and mixing apparatuses with double casing and insulation enabling the heating or cooling of the media being processed.
  • We also offer washing containers, baths and further customised products
  • The quality of the PENTAS HOŘICE a.s. products corresponds to European and worldwide standards. The company holds, for example, the required permits for the production and export of pressure vessels under the AD Merkblatt German regulations. The scope of the tests and inspections is determined by the requirements of legal rights used for the particular type and utilisation. The inspections of pressure vessels are performed by authorised persons; a Factory Acceptance Test is generally attended by the customer.
  • We are anxious to meet our customer’s needs preparing quotations, executing detailed project design, supplying and installing the equipment and commissioning. We will also provide you with a warranty as well as after-sales service, spare parts and performing overhauls.
  • PENTAS HOŘICE a.s. relies upon many years of tradition and the expertise of its design engineers, commercial personnel and qualified workers who, together with the production capacity of the company, ensure the high quality of the supplied machinery.
  • The top level of technology, craftsmanship, reliability and customer satisfaction is the main goal of PENTAS HOŘICE a.s.

PENTAS HOŘICE a.s. is a holder of an ISO 9001 Certificate.